Antigen Unmasking Solution, Citric Acid Based

Price: $120.00

Breast Carcinoma: With Citrate-based Antigen Unmasking Solution, Estrogen receptor (rm), ImmPRESS Anti-Rabbit Ig Kit, DAB (brown) substrate. Hematoxylin QS (blue) counterstain.

Catalog # Unit Size Product Information MSDS
H-3300    250 ml   Protocol   H-3300.GHS.sds.pdf  

Vector Laboratories’ Antigen Unmasking Solutions are highly effective at revealing antigens in formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections when used in combination with a high temperature treatment procedure. These solutions for antigen retrieval are available in two formulations. The citrate-based solution (H-3300) is pH 6.0; the Tris-based solution (H-3301) is pH 9.0. Both solutions are supplied as convenient 100x concentrated stocks, sufficient for preparation of 25 L of working solution.
Antigen Unmasking Video Tutorial

  Here we demonstrate antigen unmasking using the reliable and consistent pressure cooker technique. For additional instructional videos please see the Tutorials page under the Support link.

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