VECTOR Red Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) Substrate Kit

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Prostate (double label): Cytokeratin (m), VECTASTAIN ABC-AP Kit, Vector Blue (blue) substrate. CD34, VECTASTAIN ABC-AP Kit, Vector Red (red) substrate.

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Vector® Red AP Substrate Kit produces a magenta heat stable reaction product that is also fluorescent. Sections stained with the Vector® Red substrate can be dehydrated, cleared, and permanently mounted. This chromogen can be used singly or in combination with other alkaline phosphatase or peroxidase substrates for multiple label applications. Because of its stability under ISH conditions, Vector® Red can be used in IHC/ISH double labeling applications. With the aid of imaging systems and software, the spectral profile of this substrate can be distinguished from other enzyme substrates in applications where antigens are co-localized.

The bright red to orange fluorescence of the Vector® Red reaction product can be visualized using Dy594, Texas Red® or TRITC filter systems. This fluorescence is especially bright in dehydrated, permanently mounted sections. The fluorescence is stable and does not photobleach like most fluorescent dyes. This substrate can also be used for in situ hybridization or on blots, where it has a wider dynamic range than other substrates.

This kit contains stock solutions in convenient dropper bottles.

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