Fusion protein reagents are part of a methodology for purification, detection, and investigation of expressed proteins. The common fusion tags [green fluorescent protein (GFP), poly histidine (polyHis), c-Myc, human influenza virus hemagglutinin (HA), Maltose binding protein (MBP)] can be easily detected with our antibodies against the specific tag.

Our biotinylated, affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies (produced in goat) are optimized to detect fusion proteins in western blot detection. They can be used in combination with a VECTASTAIN® ABC-AmP™ detection system or other streptavidin/avidin-based reagents.

For maximum sensitivity, GFP can also be detected using ImmPRESS™ Anti-GFP antibody (made in goat). This reagent is prepared using our proprietary peroxidase micropolymer technology.

Recombinant GFP Standard (MB-0752) contains purified recombinant Aquorea victorea GFP (28 kDa) overexpressed in E. coli. It is designed for quantitation of GFP fusion protein in the test sample, and can be used as posistive control on western blots in conjuction with Peroxidase-labeled Anti-GFP (MB-0712) or Biotinylated Anti-GFP (BA-0702).

Fusion Protein Purification. The Fusion-Aid™ Kits are designed to immunoprecipitate/isolate fusion proteins containing the appropriate protein tag. The Fusion-Aid™ Kit has affinity-purified primary antibodies coupled directly to agarose beads. In contrast to traditional methods, this eliminates the contamination of the isolated proteins with coprecipitating primary antibodies. The spin columns provided with the kit also facilitate rapid immunoprecipitation and maximum protein recovery.