In the course of developing our current product line, we have acquired considerable expertise in the generation and purification of high affinity antibodies as well as in the efficient labeling of such antibodies. The unlabeled antibodies are of unmatched quality for use in immunological techniques which do not require a modified antibody, such as antigen capture techniques for immunoassays or for investigators who wish to attach their own label.

All of these antibodies are prepared by hyperimmunizing animals in a manner that produces high affinity antibodies. These are then purified by an affinity chromatography procedure designed to remove any low affinity antibodies which may be present. Cross-reactivities that are likely to interfere with specific labeling are removed by solid-phase adsorption techniques. The final product is then subjected to rigorous quality control assays including immunodiffusion, solid-phase enzyme immunoassays, gel electrophoresis and solid-phase binding assays. In preparing the labeled antibodies, great care is taken to ensure the maximum degree of labeling with no alteration in the specificity and affinity of the antibody. The labeled antibody then undergoes a further series of quality control assays, including immunohistochemical analysis. Unless otherwise specified, our antibodies will recognize both heavy and light chains (H+L).

A data sheet for each lot is provided with every antibody product. The specification sheet contains cross-reactivity data, specific activity, F/P ratio and other pertinent information on the specific lot.